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End user license agreement for design & artwork products

We assure all users of unlicensed products immunity from prosecution provided that valid licenses are obtained immediately and also honor notifications leading to the clarification of property right infringements.

The unauthorized use is a criminal act that results in civil and criminal penalties!

Our general terms of business apply for this EULA.

This EULA is exclusively applicable to products, we are owning the copyright. If products of third parties are part of our products, separate license terms may apply to the products of third parties, which are outlined in the license certificate and this license agreement.

I. Scope of license - finally delivered products

1. The finally delivered product is the last submitted data set before an order was completed successfully.

2. Previously provided data sets fall back to draft status, for which own license terms apply.

3. The license includes the right to use the finally delivered product for own and third party purposes.

4. The license includes the right to modify the finally delivered product.

5. The license includes the right, in accordance with this license agreement, to transfer to third parties or share with third parties the granted use rights and modification rights of the finally delivered product.

6. The license is unrestricted in terms of time and territory.

7. All rights granted in this license are non-exclusive. We explicitly reserve the right to re-use parts of the finally delivered product for own and third party purposes. However, the finally delivered product will never be provided as a whole to third parties in any way.

II. Scope of license - drafts (also such included in quotes)

1. Drafts may be used for evaluation purposes of the underlying order. The disclosure of drafts requires our explicit written permission. Any continued use of drafts as a whole, in parts or in any modified form is not permitted.

2. After successfully completing or cancelling the underlying order (including in case of payment default), all drafts must be destroyed. Any continued use of drafts as a whole, in parts or in any modified form within own works is not permitted.

III. General license agreements

1. The license certificate you received acts as a proof of purchase. Lost license certificates cannot be replaced.

2. You are entitled to transfer the license as a whole to a legal successor.

3. In case of violations to this EULA, we reserve the right to terminate the provided license without prior notice. In this case, you are obliged to immediately stop using the product and to destroy any existing copies.

4. The product is licensed only, not sold.

5. We shall not be held liable nor can we guarantee that the product is free of errors. The product is intended for general-purpose use only. It is within your own discretion to perform periodic backups.

6. There is no examination for infringement of third party rights. It is your sole responsibility to check and ensure that the licensed products do not infringe any intellectual property rights of others.

7. We are reserving all rights not explicitly granted in this EULA.

Version: 15. December 2018

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