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End user license agreement for media contents

We assure all users of unlicensed content immunity from prosecution provided that valid licenses are obtained immediately and also honor notifications leading to the clarification of property right infringements.

The unauthorized use is a criminal act that results in civil and criminal penalties!

Our general terms of business apply for this EULA.

This EULA is exclusively applicable to content, we are owning the copyright. If our content is containing intellectual properties of third parties, separate license terms may apply, which are outlined in the license certificate and this license agreement.

I. Scope of license - time-limited use of content

1. The license includes the non-exclusive right to reproduce the content for a limited time period in accordance with the terms of the license certificate (such as media or distribution channel, distribution area, licensed time frame).

II. Scope of license - project-based use of content

1. The license includes the non-exclusive right to reproduce the content for a specific project in accordance with the terms of the license certificate (such as media or distribution channel, distribution area, number of copies).

III. License coverage (check out your license certificate for individual coverage)

U = kind of allowed use, R = restriction

  • Code U-001A: Simple, non-exclusive right of use.
  • Code U-001B: Sole, exclusive right of use.
  • Code U-001C: Simple, non-exclusive right of use for a third party as defined in the license certificate.
  • Code U-001D: Sole, exclusive right of use for a third party as defined in the license certificate.
  • Code U-002A(YYYMMDD): Right of use for a limited time period; final date in brackets, e.g. U-002A(25250901).
  • Code U-002B: Right of use for an indefinite period of time.
  • Code U-003A(X): Right to produce and distribute the number of copies as specified in brackets, e.g. U-003A(1000).
  • Code U-003B: Right to produce and distribute any number of copies.
  • Code U-004A: Right of use for print media.
  • Code U-004B: Right of use for online media (web), except online communities.
  • Code U-004C: Right of use for online media (web), including online communities.
  • Code U-005A: Right to use the unmodified content.
  • Code U-005B: Right to do simple editing of the content (e.g. scaling, trimming).
  • Code U-005C: Right to perform complex editing of the content (e.g. transformation, color change, translation).
  • Code U-006A: Right of use for private purposes.
  • Code U-006B: Right of use in a journalistic/editorial context for documentation or illustration purposes.
  • Code U-006C: Right of use for commercial purposes.
  • Code U-007A: Right of use in projects for which the content is a value bearing element.
  • Code U-007B: Right of use in projects for which the content constitutes an existential element.
  • Code U-008A: The content must be marked as our intellectual property.
  • Code U-008B: The content does not have to be marked as our intellectual property..
  • Code U-009A: Any further distribution of the content by third parties is prohibited.
  • Code U-009B: The content may be redistributed by third parties on a non-commercial scale and without the intention of making a profit, as long as all copies of the content are marked as our intellectual property.
  • Code R-001: The licensee indemnifies us from all claims of third parties which could arise in the context of his use of the contents and assures that his intended use does not violate the rights of third parties or applicable legal provisions.
  • Code R-002: The content may not be used for religious or political propaganda purposes.
  • Code R-003: Third party rights may exist in this content (e.g. industrial property rights to some of the depicted objects). The licensee must check independently, at his own expense and risk whether his intended use interferes with such rights or violates them and, if necessary, acquire a license from the rights owner or refrain from using the content.

IV. Content labelling requirements (mandatory for code U-008A)

1. Our content's authorship must be properly indicated by adding a copyright notice.

For example:

  • <Short description of content>: © TOBIAS EICHNER IT + CONSULTING

The copyright notice may be placed at any location that appears suited to you, but has to clearly refer to the content and needs to be done in a way that appears appropriate to the target media type.

In case of content that is used on the World Wide Web, the copyright notice must contain a link to this URL that can be used without technical restrictions:


In case of content that is used for online communities (e.g. social networks and discussion boards), the copyright notice must be embedded in readable form directly within the content and the link must be written out.

2. The use of our logo or the origin's logo for identifying purposes is granted free of charge.

V. General license agreements

1. The license certificate you received acts as a proof of purchase. Lost license certificates cannot be replaced.

2. You are entitled to create a backup copy of the content on a storage device of your choice.

3. You are entitled to transfer the license as a whole to a legal successor.

4. The content is not allowed being sold or licensed as an independent work.

5. It is within your obligation to take measures in an appropriate, usual and reasonable way to prevent the unauthorized reproduction of the content.

6. Incorporating the content into an identity-creating work is not permitted.

7. In case of violations to this EULA, we reserve the right to terminate the provided license without prior notice. In this case, you are obliged to immediately stop using the content and to destroy any existing copies.

8. The content is licensed only, not sold.

9. The content is protected by international copyright law as well as other intellectual property laws and agreements. We are holding the ownership, copyright and other industrial property rights to the content.

10. We shall not be held liable nor can we guarantee that the content is free of errors. The content is intended for general-purpose use only. It is within your own discretion to perform periodic backups.

11. We are reserving all rights not explicitly granted in this EULA.

Version: 15. December 2018

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