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Much more than your virtual secretary...

... but an all-round service for your office - available at any time upon request!

We take over almost any kinds of office work (e.g. communication, administration, marketing) with just one goal: helping you to save time and own ressources, both better spent for your core business or other projects.

Friendliness, reliability, expertise

Our service portfolio has been tailored to the needs of self-employed individuals, freelancers and small businesses. But even medium-sized enterprises can profit from what our office service has to offer.

And best of all: There are no long-term obligations, you always remain flexible...

You can hire us as required by your workload; book our services to avoid short-term bottlenecks, put us on the payroll just a few days per month or make use of our services on a regular base several times a week.

Transparency and privacy

As your virtual assistant, we act absolutely invisble to your customers and business partners - all communication and correspondence is signed on behalf of your business and with your contact details.

It's a matter of course that all data received will be processed strictly confidential in accordance with our signed agreement as well as handled exclusively within the framework of European and German data protection regulations.

Advantages of our office service on demand: No fixed costs for permanent employees while keeping a high degree of flexibility. Instead of, you profit from highest possible flexibility and just pay what you really need. As a loyal customer, you also profit from attractive discounts!

Office, administration & more - our scope of services

A well-organized office is the heart of your business. And we take care of its beat:

Together we discuss your requirements for our office service...

... so we keep your back free and you can take better care of our business!

We take care of your office work and other administrative duties, so you always remain flexible. In order to give you an impression what you can expect from our virtual assistants, we have compiled a short list of most popular services:

  • Receiving and answering phone calls (e.g. inquiries, orders, appointments)
  • Handling of postal and electronic correspondence
  • Project management, scheduling and travel plannings
  • Organization of meetings and other events
  • Research, creation of presentations and exposés, writing reports
  • Bookkeeping (preparatory work), credit controlling
  • Logistics and fulfillment processing
  • Advanced word-processing, including all tasks of a text agency, also providing proofreading and translation services
  • All other professional business services we advertise on our website

Services for entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is a big adventure...

We are looking forward to taking the first steps together with you - organizing your office, setting up an efficient IT infrastructure (hardware, software, network equipment) and providing you with various communication and public relation services.

How to use our office service on demand - explained step by step...

Our office service is always at your side - just three simple steps away !

Step 1: Send your inquiry

Request a quote to get pricing information.

Urgent job... anytime!

Looking for a fearless climber to handle your mountain of files... please give us a call.

A designated contact person is available to regular customers on request.

Step 2: Accept our offer

We contact you to discuss all job details and provide you with any required information.

You'll receive a fixed price offer for all services.

Our promise

You're not taking any risks. If you decide not to hire us, there will be no fees due!

Step 3: Consider it done

While we are taking over your office duties, just sit back and relax (or do other things).

Tidy desk, all done

The task is completed in no time at all!

Depending on what was agreed, you also receive a detailed administrative report.

Tip: Please ask about a long-term agreement for recurring tasks!

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