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German & English translation services

We ensure that your texts are easy to understand.

Our editors will make your text to stand out in a positive manner!

Simply excellent... readers will love your error-free texts!

We translate websites, advertising copy, press releases, business letters, manuals... in a nutshell: almost any kind of documents in any common file formats (including scanned handwritten ones).

Quality has top priority for translations

A good translation is not just about converting words and sentences from one language to another, as stupid machine translation does. Our human translators take care to preserve the original meaning and effect of the source text on the reader.

Reliability. Experience. Trust.

We have specialized to translations between English and German only (our office is managed by a German native speaker). For this reason, you can rely on a consistently high quality.

Since privacy and data security are important today more than ever, we guarantee that your text is never shared with third parties (for example, we don't hire external freelancers). On request, your text will be deleted from our systems immediately after finishing the translation.

How to use our translation services - explained step by step...

Got some text to translate between English and German ? Your translation is just three steps away...

Step 1: Send your inquiry

Request a quote to get pricing information.

Urgent job... anytime!

If you need to get to the point in an unknown language, please give us a call.

A designated contact person is available to regular customers on request.

Step 2: Accept our offer

We contact you to discuss all job details and provide you with any required information.

You'll receive a fixed price offer for your translation, including any associated services.

Our promise

You're not taking any risks. If you decide not to hire us, there will be no fees due!

Step 3: Get your translation

While we are working on the translation, you can sit back and relax (or do something productive).

Job completed

You'll receive the text in digital or printed form, if desired in a ready-to-use layout.

Of course, minor changes and final adjustments are done free of charge.

Request a custom quote...

Translations are highly individual tasks and the expected workload can vary heavily from text to text. For this reason, we always need a text snippet beforehand in order to determine the time and effort required.

Therefore, we think it's fair not to charge you on base of a fixed fee table. Instead of, you receive a custom quote for each job. This takes about one day, but if you decide for an express order by phone, you get your custom pricing information even within a few hours. And best of all: There are no obligations.

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